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Mayerthorpe to Whitecourt, AB (27 miles)

This is the shortest planned day—27 miles.

Why? First, several days over 80 miles a day has worn me down a bit. Secondly, Whitecourt is a very active commercial center—a good place to stay. Thirdly, this is vacation. Why rush?

Several friends and family have wondered if we are blowing our budget on lodging. Best answer: No. Unbeknownst to me, this is very slow season in oil field country. Heavy drilling equipment gets bogged down once the ground thaws. Consequently, the busy season for lodging in Saskatchewan and Alberta is in the winter, and again in the summer for tourist season. Fortunately, many rooms have kitchenettes and full breakfasts, like this place. Now is a great time to be slowly passing through.

Today’s photo is our room here in Whitecourt. It is $US83.07 with all sales tax and gross sales taxes included. In the room is a full size refrigerator, gas fireplace. king bed, whole-wall bay windows, and the biggest in-room whirlpool tub I’ve ever seen.

It certainly helps having a 24% U.S. favorable exchange rate, but this place is far above our expectations and below what we budgeted.

If you plan to vacation in Alberta or Saskatchewan, consider late spring. It is not only beautiful, but economical.