Dr. Larry P. Arnn, President, Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, MI: "Your goal to understand modern learning and culture in the context of the ancients is noble indeed.  … I was especially pleased to see that you cite Plato's Republic in Learning. Perhaps you would be interested in reading his Meno, a lesser-known dilogue in which he offers an intriguing theory of learning. Your account and his seem to share many important tenets. Thank you for your diligence. Your books offer a great testament to your love for truth. I wish you every success."

DM, SD (former teacher & coach): “I read both your books including the all the footnotes. I agree with every word. …You know who the two best teachers are? Parents.”

U.S. Senator John Thune, Assistant Senate Majority Leader: (handwritten personal note) “Gary, thanks so much for the letter and books. You have been very busy these past few years. Thank you for continuing to make a difference. Keep challenging the establishment.”

Jim Woster, writer, broadcaster, public speaker, Sioux Falls, SD: "You are a very good writer, regardless of the topic."

BM, British Columbia, Canada: (email advising others to order Learning as it influences the 21st century) “Hope you get a copy from Amazon & find it an interesting read. I certainly did!”

(Name withheld for privacy), Greensboro, NC: "I truly agree with the technology comments and agree with Einstein's quote: 'I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.' I feel we are getting close."

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JT, Mobridge, SD, school teacher/principal’s wife: “I have gotten your books from Amazon…. I have enjoyed reading what I have read so far. It is nice to be prompted to think about how things were and are. My 50-year reunion was in 2015…the later reunions get to be more fun all the time.”

Michael Hyde, Fiction Author, Pierre, SD: (A few days after purchase) “I’ve made it though three chapters of Relating to Ancient Culture thus far. A good read during my downtime.”

KK, Georgia: (Learning as it influences the 21st century) “… very attention getting. I really liked the zinger about giving children responsibility when they graduate college being two decades too late.  Due to my father's death when I was age 5 and ensuing financial circumstances, I had probably held at least two dozen jobs before I entered college...and I feel very fortunate for those experiences.  I worry about my grandchildren who enjoy scouting and gymnastics but have zero exposure to entrepreneurship.”

KT, La Penita de Jaltemba, Mexico: "Enjoying your book." (Learning as it influences the 21st century)

TruthForLife.org: “We pray you will be able to touch many lives with your books.”

DK, Rincon Guayabitos, Mexico: "We all enjoyed your talk and were very impressed with your books. Congratulations on your achievements! We were honored to have been able to hear about your processes and research on how your books came to be."

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LL, Kailua, Hawaii: "Wow! Very Impressive.  You've been a busy man. We'd like to propose a book signing here in Kailua. We have a book store."

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Dominique, Sioux Falls, South Dakota: "Thank you for the book titles. Sounds extremely interesting."

Boswell, Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada (world traveller, author & businessman): "...(From) the initial information about your latest two books, I must compliment you on both the subject matter and the choice of pictures for the book covers. They effectively speak volumes in capturing the essences of what is timely, relevant, interesting and certainly provocative. As we witness society and trends unfold, it is important to understand from whence we came. In doing so, we may better understand the link between the past, present and inevitably the future. As a seafaring Captain once said, "...If you wish to know where you are heading, you must first look back at the ships wake, and from that you will understand where you are going". You appear to have done that very effectively. I recall our past conversations, when you spoke of the material that you were developing for these books. My compliments to you, as you seem to have achieved your goal, in what appears to be a very interesting read. I look forward to getting the finished texts and recommend them to all who want better insight as to why we are at this juncture in our human history. Just as an afterthought...Ancient culture is just that...something that is in the past.... History can only be interpreted or looked at differently, not changed.... ...I am sure both will be very interesting reads."

(name withheld for privacy), Ipswich, SD: (Feb. 21, 2018) "...your talk was interesting. Thought provoking."

Rob, Colorado Springs, Colorado: "As a U.S. Army veteran, having served at the end of Vietnam and subsequently peace time rising in the ranks from Private to Sergeant, I find it interesting to see the different ways different cultures and ethnicities learn and teach. I am looking forward to reading Relating to Ancient Culture and the mysterious agent changing it. ...We learn basically by repetition or by our mistakes. Makes one think."

Jenessa, Yankton, South Dakota: "I am excited to learn more about your books! They sound intriguing."

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JK, Rogue River, Oregon: "Having grown up in the 40s and 50s, I still have a strong love and appreciation for old things, old culture, primitives, antiques and more importantly old family ways and traditions and how families taught and raised their children preparing them for the time when they left home and on their own. I am interested in reading these books about old cultures and learning....and what and why things are sadly changing with our young people in today's society. I look forward to reading these books in hard cover and having them signed. Books are part of my treasures."

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