Gary W. Wietgrefe   

(pronounced wit'grif)

For the past five years without a car or home, Gary and his wife, Patricia, traveled the world with a backpack and observed: Some places have bookstores and family-owned “mom and pop shops”; others do not. Some brick and mortar retailers thrive in places while others strive to stay alive. Why?

In many locations, education is intermittent with children helping families survive. Elsewhere, too many children forced schools to operate two shifts. Often in the developed world, children try to skip school. He investigated why there were differences.

As an inventor, researcher, military intelligence veteran, economist, agriculturalist, systems developer, societal explorer, and author, Gary has observed and documented his findings from his many travels and experiences.

What does ancient mean? Could the difference between modern and ancient be the same reason grandparents buy books and newspapers and younger generations read electronic books, blogs, and engage social media on devices?

His books Culture and the mysterious agent changing it and Learning as it influences the 21st century help answer those profound questions.