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Drayton Valley to Mayerthorpe, AB (59 miles)

Today was back to my expected normal mileage at 59. (I had been projecting 60.) Three day’s in a row over 80 miles was enough (considering wind every day and rain late yesterday.)

This is logging and oil country and as I came north out of the hills and valleys it turned into cattle country and crops as landscape flattened.

It was a cool 41F when I departed and I may have seen frost in the valleys. I did not confirm as it was very cool biking and I kept going to stay warm.

Last evening’s rain softened the road ditches. Although the highway was marked for moose, I did not see any yet but plenty of tracks in one area.

After breakfast, our friends, Deb and Rob, and my wife, Patricia, came 40 miles further north to check my progress before they turned south again for Calgary. (Check out today’s photo. My wife is on the right.)

i keep repeating it, but I really did have another wonderful bike ride and the countryside is beautiful.