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Whitecourt to Valleyview, AB (107 miles)

One thing for sure, I’m getting experience biking in cool weather. For a week now it has been in the low 40sF when I started. Check out today’s photo. This is what happens when the creek water temperature is warmer than the air. Steam (warm air) rises.

This photo was taken a few minutes before 5:00 this morning with sunrise at 5:12.

This blog I’ve tried to keep numbers understandable for Americans, but since ride-day 7 (May 26) I have been traveling in kilometers and biking in celsius temperatures.

It can be confusing, but it should not be. All my published research and patents are in metric and accurate, but there are easy estimates. These have been passed on by Dawn, my Canadian friend, who was going to school when Canada converted to the metric system. She simplified Celsius to Fahrenheit for me. Just take the Celsius times two, less 10%, and add 32. Example: this morning was 5C. Using the quick estimation method even I can do it in my head: 5 + 5 = 10, minus 10% is 1. 10 minus 1 = 9 plus 32 equals 41F.

Kilometers (km) are easier. Multiply km by .6. If a sign says 60 km to the next town, it would be 36 miles.

When biking, it is inconvenient to stop and calculate temperature or mileage. These are just some of the ways I keep my mind busy biking. Your next question: What does your mind do the other 6 to 8 hours? 

Stay tuned.