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Delta Junction to North Pole, Alaska (87 miles)

Made it! Pierre, South Dakota to North Pole, Alaska in 42 days. Preliminary mileage indicates 2,998 miles.

As the North Pole city limit sign came into view, I felt my whole body cave with emotion—a feeling I have never experienced. As I biked down off the 4-lane highway exit, I could see a group of people and bicycles waiting with a red Finish Line. I was completely astonished. My nieces, nephew, and three grand nieces were cheering. What an unexpected welcome! See today’s photo.

It is the support I received that made this trip a reality. First, my wife, Patricia, has heard my dream—too many times. Supplies in our sag wagon car were minor compared to the decades we have supported each other. Secondly, our son, Wyatt, an emergency doctor and acupuncturist, is the ONLY reason I could physically bike 3,000 miles. After suffering plantar fasciitis last year for eight months, he gave me two acupuncture treatments on my leg and put me on a muscle stretching regiment. Within two weeks, I was back to my usual ten to fifteen mile weekly hikes. He allowed me to bike with absolutely no symptoms. Thirdly, our two daughters have physically and mentally reset their lives. They have set examples to follow. The fourth support list is so long. I cannot begin to list and thank everyone from family and friends to a following of many in many countries.

It is all of you that motivated me. I hope in some small way, I have encouraged you to exercise or take on a challenge too long delayed.

Seven years ago I applied for leave without pay which combined with accrued personal time, I was going to bike from South Dakota to Alaska. The application was denied. Now retired for six years objective accomplishmented at age 65. Age is not the limiting factor, it is personal willingness to take on, and accomplish something that you have been delaying for too long.

Now it is your turn.


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