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TOk to Delta Junction, AK (107 miles)

What is likely my second to last day of this trip, I slept in until 7:10 in order to enjoy a huge breakfast at the Cleft of the Rock B&B just outside of Tok.

We were advised the stretch of Alaska Highway from Tok to Delta Junction was mostly flat. It was with only 1,515 elevation gain in the 107 miles.

Today’s major event was as an animal attack. Actually, two of them. In Alaska most likely I would expect bear or moose. Instead, two fat dogs attached from a rural cabin. I hollered at them as I picked up speed. Dogs like to chase bikes. In all the years of biking, I have always been able to outrun them. Only four dogs attacked me  on this trip with the last being in Alberta at about 1100 miles.

Good and bad news: Good: The dogs backed off right away. Bad: Unfortunately, they were likely overfed house dogs who will be a bear meal or two before the summer is over. Bad # 2: I broke my new replacement chain as I slammed on the pedals to escape. It was not too bad as Patricia was close behind and seen the attack. We quickly put on the old original worn chain (I replaced at 1,699 miles) and I was biking again within the half hour.

Today’s photo is my mirror looking back at a different view than I seen as I passed looking ahead. Looking back, I am glad I saved my old chain. Secondly, as I near the end of this trip, I often look back to see what I may have missed. Many times over the past month I would stop and look back and really see what my mirror summarized. Too many times we pass what we should have taken more time to observe and understand.