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Dawson Creek to Fort St. John, BC (46 miles)

Seriously, I was not sure if I would bike today. High winds out of the west predicted, peaking by noon, and sustained with showers predicted late afternoon. It was cool again today, but my goal was under 50 miles.

What I did not expect was the first ten miles of the Alaskan Highway was under construction. Actually, grinders stripped off the top few inches leaving a rough surface so the repaving would bind. Shaking handlebars and slow progress made wind no obstruction. Considering I have biked over 1500 miles, ten miles of construction is minor, but likely more to follow.

Two rivers had to be crossed today—the Kiskatinaw and the larger, Peace River. Both rivers have steep downhill grades on the south and long (very long) climbs out.

Warning before the Peace downhill stated on one warning sign “Extreme Downhill Grade” followed by “6% next 5.3 km” and partially down the hill was a 10% downhill warning.

Did today’s photo come from the bottom of the Peace River hill? No! The pickup truck never made it to the second river.

Notice the rear driver-side tire is still smoking. Nobody was in the parking area, so I did check the vehicle for human remains. I found none. Everything that could burn apparently did. Interestingly, the fire likely started from overheated brakes, and the last thing smoking was what remained of one tire. Winds likely spread the flames quickly, and apparently the driver (and possibly passengers) escaped and were given a ride to safety.

One thing for sure, my bike has a better chance of reaching Alaska than that truck.

Another certainty on this trip—every day I have a new experience.