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Grande Prairie, AB to Dawson Creek, BC (89 miles)

This was an interesting day. I biked for an hour; had an hour breakfast with a couple of Canadian friends, biked out of Alberta into British Columbia and on into Dawson Creek which is Mile Marker One on the Alaska Highway.

As I was departing Grande Prairie, for the first twenty miles I had my first view of snow-capped mountains.

It was cool again this morning (43F) with winds constant from the WNW as I was biking 89 miles directly into it or a side-wind. Cloudy too—all day with temperatures not getting into the 60sF.

As today’s photo indicates, I made it to Mile Marker Zero of the Alaskan Highway.

I departed Pierre, SD three weeks ago today. Based on my estimates, I reached the halfway point today.

One of the most unexpected treats, was a hot caramel roll. This was no normal roll. A regularly scheduled community “garage” sale had vendors selling out of their car trunk (very similar to the “car boot sales” in England). Patricia found a family handmaking dough. Once rolled thin, butter and cinnamon were added and baked it in an outdoor wood-burning oven. Texture and unique production was minor compared to the taste. I jumped off my bike, sat in our warm car with Patricia, and gobbled the most tasty caramel roll I had in years. What a great treat for a long, cold, windy ride!!!