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Map: Pierre to the Pole (2,998 miles)

Unfortunately my blogs from May 20 (departure from Pierre, South Dakota) through June 2 (Macklin, Saskatchewan) has been accidently deleted. The original planning map is attached to view the whole route.

The mileage map estimated 3012 miles which included distance estimated to lodging, but the actual bike mileage turned out to be 2,998 excluding the last 3 miles of June 16. That day, in the mountains of southern Yukon Territory, my original rear tire blew descending a mountain. I had no phone or Internet service so I could not contact my wife who was carrying extra parts, nor was I carrying an extra tire.

With those three miles, the trip would have exceeded 3000 miles. As I was beginning to push my bike the last three miles to Testa River Lodge, our planned overnight rest, a Coastguardsman transferring to Kodiak, Alaska stopped offering help. We loaded my bike into the back of his crammed pickup truck and I squeezed in with his family of five. Hence, this trip was just under 3000 miles.

I hope you enjoy these summaries as much as I enjoyed the ride. Check out the story in my hometown newspaper, The Ipswich Tribune:

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