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Macklin, SK to Sedgewick, AB (87 miles)

Today’s photo is a first for me—a white rainbow, so close I had to take two photos to get it all. After rain all day yesterday, the clouds were breaking up by 5:30 this morning, but still a brisk west wind at 3C (40F) made for a chilly start. With the sun behind me facing west wind into a shallow cloud bank, the white rainbow appeared. Since I had just entered Alberta, I took the pure rainbow as a good sign of the next 2000 miles.

Speaking of signs, about 20 miles into Alberta, going through rolling hills with dence pockets of aspen was a yellow highway warning sign. It was a moose sketch and below it “Next 25 km”. The way the countryside looks on today’s 87 miles, the sign could be accurate if it said “Next 2500 km”.

Trees are already noticeably shorter, and cropped ground dwindling to non-existent for most of today’s ride.

Riding so slow through the countryside, it is hard to absorb all the activities of cattle, horses, lama, brush cutting, oil pipeline construction everywhere, and wildlife (deer, partridge, ground squirrels, jackrabbits, etc.) always popping up unexpectedly. No moose sited yet. Stay tuned.