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Tetsa River Lodge to Toad River Lodge, BC (48 miles)

The whole ride today was on a stretch of the Alaska Highway designated as a Scenic Highway by AAA. Barren mountains with snowpack were either before me and occasionally on both sides throughout the day.

Two passes I had to bike over today allowed me into four river basins (one glaciated with its creamy water). A major clue I was near the top was Summit Lake. Where else would it be? The second clue was four rivers draining different directions.

A couple days ago, I was advised by my niece who lives in the Denver area, that the tree line is 10,000 feet elevation. That is likely the case in the Colorado Rockies, but not the north end of the Canadian Rockies. All the barren mountains appeared glaciated in the recent past.

What a beautiful and peaceful ride. (See today’s photo.)

Just a short update on my new tire and tube: working well. In case you are wondering, I have three spare tires and four tubes, plus a repair patch kit for the last 1100 miles.