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Buckinghorse River to Profit River, BC (54 miles)

What is one clue you are in a rural outpost? When the lodging (cabins), cafe, and fuel pump’s only source of electricity is a shedded generator. (See today’s photo of Buckinghorse River’s power plant.)

Another clue is the highway sign just befote entering Buckinghorse River: “Check your fuel 174 km to next station”. 

According to the Milepost directory, there was no lodging reported between Buckinghorse River and Fort Nelson. Without knowing the terrain or weather before I started, I figured I would have a tough ride, or luck out and find a place to stay. Thanks to the Internet, I found a bed and breakfast halfway to Fort Nelson and entered the phone number in my “Pierre to the Pole” trip guide. Anticipating today’s ride, I called the phone number last night and was pleasantly surprised that not only was the bed and breakfast open (for the past year), but the owners asked if we wanted them to make us supper.

What an offer to a hungry biker! The owners have been living in Vancouver for seven years, before buying and remodeling the spacious place. Originally, she was from China and he was from Tibet.

The hardest part about making a homemade Chinese meal in this area is getting customary spices. Otherwise, they pick up supplies once per week in Fort Nelson—a 112 mile roundtrip.

By the way, wildlife highlight for today was a marmot watching from his rock pile perch, next to the highway as I stopped and took photos.