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Outlook to Kindersley, SK (97 miles)

I didn’t know the winds could shift about 480 degrees in 9 hours! It started out from the ENE at 5:00 a.m. when I departed, but as different rain showers moved through as I headed 97 miles west the winds made much more than a complete circle and when I arrived they were back to the northwest. Luckily, they likely did not exceed 20 mph. Temperature at departure was 52F likely went into the 60s and 97 miles later it was 59F.

My wonderful wife was my sag wagon this afternoon hauling all my panniers allowing me to average 10.7 mph. Unloading the ~35 pounds likely saved me 2 hours of wet biking. I gave her a big hug before I jumped into the hot shower fully clothed. Hey, I was wet anyway. It justed saved me an extra step washing my biking clothes. Yes, I have biked 11 days in the same outfit, but laundered each night and dry by 5:00 each morning. When I came out from showering, a piping hot bowl of thick bean soup was waiting. My sister-in-law, Sharon, sent a huge frozen container. Nothing better than hot soup on a cool rainy day.

This morning I started just before the sun appeared over the South Saskatchewan River. Today’s photo is looking back east to Outlook. The most amazing thing biking at sunrise each morning is the wildlife just finishing a night of hunting or just getting out for an early morning graze.

Just past the River, a pair of deer slowly moved from the ditch to trees as I approached. Not more than a couple miles further a grey wolf was feeding in a slough along the highway. As I approached, it moved its prey away another 25 yards and continued feeding. I stopped and took IPhone photos but I feared getting too close to a feeding wolf. A few miles further a pair of antelope were on the highway allowing me to coast by getting a 9 second video. Soon thereafter, I passed an abandoned farmstead with two Canada geese roosting on top of the barn. They flew as I stopped to get a photo.

It is absolutely amazing the wildlife and morning beauty on a spring Saskatchewan sunrise —before cars, wind, and a lone biker share the road.