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Weyburn to Davidson, SK 166 miles

Very likely this will be my longest day with bike loaded—166 miles total. My wife, Patricia, may catch up with me by tomorrow night and be my “sag wagon” allowing me to reduce pannier weight.  I started this trip with the bike and supplies weighing 79 pounds. Adding the water each morning brings the weight at least into the 70s as nutritional supplies dwindle.

Mountain Time sun came up about 5:00 as I was headed to Regina. No wind for the first 30 miles followed by a favorable 7-10 mph made today’s ride easy, but long.

Arriving into Regina at 10:30 a.m. would have made a 4-5 hour wait for my hotel room. Instead, I canceled it and pushed to the next stop which was an additional 92 miles. It was 70 miles into Regina, and I was concerned the 92 miles into Davidson would have been too far with unfavorable winds.

North of Regina towns are few and far between with at least half without services. Twice I was down to my last remaining “emergency” bottle of water. Short rides into towns added about 4 miles to today’s run, but water in a necessity when exercising. I consumed over 3 gallons today and supplemented it with electrolytes.

One of the towns without services is Findlater. As I was passing it, hoping to find water, I realized I would (find some later). Actually, it appears few found the town in the first place. In the U.S. a gas symbol inevitably means an adjoining convenience store. Not here! It is very common to see 8 or more symbols on a town’s highway sign—the more the better, especially when food, water, or lodging are required.

Today’s ride was peaceful through what is aptly called a “Prairie Province”. I hope the rest of my trip is as peaceful.

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