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Watson Lake to Nugget City, YT (15 miles)

My shortest day—15 miles. It gave us time to sleep in, eat a leisurely breakfast, wash the car, stock up on groceries, head to the next stop, enjoy lunch, and relax all afternoon. We are in the Yukon. Remember, this is not an organized Province yet. There are lonely stretches ahead.

For over 2000 miles I have only seen one other couple long-distance biking (in Alberta going the opposite direction). Today’s stop we caught up with three all with different plans and directions.

Check out their bikes. Specifically, check out their loads. My stripped bike is in the foreground. The three loaded bikes are hard to see under all their gear. One guy started in Utah in March, another is a guy about my age who has made three trips across Canada, and the third recently finished a bike tour in Japan and is heading from the Pacific Coast to Calgary, AB.

The photo puts into perspective how my wife, Patricia, and I can enjoy this trip without the “camping experience”.

Patricia wakes every morning to send me off. After her morning exercise, she repacks our vehicle, restocks supplies, and usually catches up with me by noon. After a break or two together, she moves on to get our next lodging. By the time I arrive, all I have to do is clean up, wash my jersey (unless washer is available), oil bike chain, and prepare for the next day.

Us four long-distance bikers have gone over 2000 miles this year. With my three 40+ pound bags (panniers) carried the last couple weeks in our vehicle, I am glad we chose this method of our Alaska adventure.