February 21, 2:30-4:30: Macus P. Beebe Memorial Library, Ipswich, South Dakota

Upon release of his latest hardcover books, author Gary Wietgrefe's hometown library will be hosting his first presentation and book signing at the historic Marcus P. Beebe Memorial Library, 120 Main St., in Ipswich, South Dakota. "Electronics Aid Memory Loss" will be his first presentation at 2:30 pm followed by "Why the School System won't last" at 3:30. His two new hardcover books sold through Vilas Pharmacy, Ipswich, will be available at the Library and at Vilas Pharmacy 401 5th Ave (Highway 12) in Ipswich. The author will donate $5.00 to the Ipswich Library for each of his books purchased at Vilas Pharmacy between February 21 and March 10.

Ruby and Gary at Ipswich Library 022118.jpg